Episode 30 - Slaying Monsters

This week, the country has been shrouded in death and it can be a bit of a downer. I prefer to put a better perspective on tragedy. 

Too often we live with fears of things that are either unknown or uncontrollable, and when all of these people from Las Vegas to celebrities breathed their last, both were the case. How much more could their last days have been if only there were no fears or anxiety over things beyond their reach? This coincides with the promised release of my new song "Monsters."

Song available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

Episode 29 - Where Are We Going?!

I've been a little MIA lately, and for good reason! It's been a little tough to keep the usual schedule because I have been breaking into the entertainment world in a real way. I've been attending workshops, modeling and maybe even acting by the time you hear this! Stay tuned and enjoy the ride with me!

Originally aired on Pawling Public Radio and Facebook Live


Episode 26 - Who Inspires Me

With the tragic death of Rich Piana this week, I was led to think about the other people like him who have inspired me over the years. I discovered Rich a few years ago when I started seriously considering bodybuilding but he really motivated me to do my best at everything from and entrepreneurship mindset. I wanted to be better, happier and eventually wealthier and his story kept pushing me further. Rest in peace big man, your words will live forever.

There are many who inspire me but in this episode I talk about Chris Jericho, Gene Simmons, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All come from different walks of life and inspire me for different reasons but all for great ones.

Originally broadcast on Facebook.com/thedizzyparker

Episode 25 - Learning From Our Past (New Civil War)

The "Unite the Right" Rally in Charlottesville, VA has sparked a lot of unrest in our country. This rally was not about race (as it seems) but about preserving our nation's history. It became a battlefield from parties of the "alt-right" and Antifa (the alt-left) and has reminded me that we are all only human and that we don't always recognize that so we turn to violence, hatred, and bigotry. There are no Nazis or white supremacists holding down our nation, but there is a controlling body who wishes to see us torn apart. Don't allow The Party to become Big Brother. George Orwell forewarned us.

Originally broadcast on Pawling Public Radio.