Episode 36 - Mall Santa Problems

Christmas is right around the corner and all the magic is in the air. There is a rabid tree in Euston Station with a barrier around it, plus #MallSantaProblems. There's a very special episode of Boy Meets World that touched my heart. This week we also find out that the Elf on the Shelf is really into Bailey's Irish Creme...

Originally broadcast on Pawling Public Radio in New York.

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Episode 35 - An Elf, a Tree, and a Breaking & Entering Case

The second week of Christmas is underway and we are continuing to celebrate on the show! I have an update on what my house's Elf on the Shelf is up to (from Ronnie the Alien), plus all of our strange Christmas traditions. They are always festive, but do we know where they come from? Also a radio show in NC does a segment called "Breaking & Entering Christmas." And I have some tips on staying successful in fitness and business while you travel for the holiday season.

Originally aired on Pawling Public Radio in New York.

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Episode 34 - Christmas Season Begins!

Merry Post-Thanksgiving! It's like a switch flips in my head on Thanksgiving night and the world becomes entirely Christmas-themed. I put up the tree and the decorations, I start recording Christmas SONGS, etc. It's just a festival good time...but this year there has been a change. The Elf on the Shelf has invaded my adult home and I am a little worried. I also talk about why retail workers hate Christmas and whether or not Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie.

Originally aired on Pawling Public Radio in New York.

Episode 33 - Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving week! I try to make it a practice to be thankful daily but with the upcoming holiday, it's a good time to reflect. There are also things I am NOT thankful for, yet I am still thankful to live in a country free enough to complain about them. How about that Al Franken sexual harassment story? O what about People magazine's sexiest man alive? All annoying but isn't it great to be able to just turn the channel?

Originally broadcast on Pawling Public Radio in New York.

Episode 32 - Live at AMTC Shine Conference!

The journey of the last three and a half years finally came to fruition and I attended the AMTC Shine Conference in New Jersey. God literally brought the conference to ME! This was recorded before we spoke to any agents or managers so the excitement of the first day was still buzzing. I Think everybody did very well can I can't wait to see what comes of this opportunity in the next year!

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Episode 30 - Slaying Monsters

This week, the country has been shrouded in death and it can be a bit of a downer. I prefer to put a better perspective on tragedy. 

Too often we live with fears of things that are either unknown or uncontrollable, and when all of these people from Las Vegas to celebrities breathed their last, both were the case. How much more could their last days have been if only there were no fears or anxiety over things beyond their reach? This coincides with the promised release of my new song "Monsters."

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