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My Story


I wrote my first songs around age 6. Granted, these songs were about the same things six year olds think about, but I was onto something.


Age 13, yet another experience we have all been through happened; a girl broke my heart. This began the real journey. From that day, the songbook never closed.


I stumbled through the awkward teenage years and became a working class adult, but the music continued to flow. I stomped heavily on many stages throughout North Carolina and the southeastern United States but I knew there was something greater.


Many broken hearts and guitar strings later, I decided it was time to grow. I moved to New York to build myself into something that could become more beneficial to the world. What is the point of existence without helping the world around you?



City in the Clouds

by Dizzy Parker

The full story of one young man's search for his destiny. He leaves his small town life for big city dreams, only to find out that nothing is what it seems...

Entertain. Inspire.


Mission Statement

"Given the gift of entertainment by God, I will use my talents to continually glorify and honor him through all my endeavors. My ultimate goal is to grow my personal brand enough to more efficiently spread the truth of his word to as many souls as possible, reaching others on a one-on-one basis along the way."


I am unapologetically Christian but upon closer inspection, you will find that I am a far cry from those who use that title in the media. My act is rooted in Christianity but is by no means a sermon. I also do not believe that you will gain a better life by "accepting Christ" so you won't hear any of that from me. 


The purpose of sharing this personal mission statement with you is to hopefully inspire you to find YOUR purpose and ensure that you are walking in it every day. The world can get in the way, but when we keep our eyes focused on that which is truly important, we can never be led astray.