Episode 14 - Born This Way

Lady Gaga sang about it, you were born this way! That is the theme for this special edition of The Dizzy Parker Show! Many people are born into circumstances that are less than the perfect situation. Some are born with personal obstacles to overcome, dreams bigger than their finances, or even sexual attractions that differ from the societal norms. Whatever your personal journey is, you were born for a purpose and God gave you a unique set of tools to live your life and to touch others'. Only you will be able to find out when is the right time to use them.

All of this comes with the announcement of this Christian singer being invited to play a gay pride festival. I knew it would be a difficult task but I felt as though it was a challenge I was uniquely designed to accept. Everybody deserves to know of Christ's love for us, regardless of WHICH sin we live with.

Episode 13- Where is Your Attention?

Focus focus focus! Where is YOUR attention? Gary Vee constantly speaks about day trading attention. The majority of us have our attention firmly placed into our iPhone and it is speculated that such will transition into virtual reality in the next decade. Live in the real world while you still can or else you will lose touch completely.

Another person who lost touch was one of the great singers of all time, Chris Cornell. We lost this musical legend to suicide. Chris Cornell's death doesn't particularly come as a surprise due to the dark nature of my fellow artists (especially those from the grunge era). Medications played a role, as did the state of his soul. 

The positive spin this week is about WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal. After 15 long years, he may finally reach the top of his industry and live his dream of becoming WWE Champion!

Episode 12 - Putting in the Work!

Are you willing to do the work it takes to accomplish your goals? Everything in life worth doing requires serious effort to be put forth in order to accomplish so this week we dedicate the episode to just that. Whether it is losing weight, being successful at your career, or spreading the gospel, it won't come easily. Today is the day to start if you're not already on it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. When will you take it?

Episode 10 - Seeking Wisdom

The shows are becoming a bit of a personal diary for me. This week is about seeking wisdom. I'm an advocated of befriending people older than oneself and learning from mentors. There are too many people have experienced the lives we are currently going through already to not use their minds to our advantage. We talk about the disastrous Fyre Festival and the Power of Positive Thinking. Much more on this week's Dizzy Parker Show!