Episode 23 - Setting Goals

If you aim to live a happy fulfilling life, you probably have some things you'd like to achieve. I am all about setting goals; and being a personal trainer, I work with goal-setters every day. I literally get paid money to guide people to achieving their own life goals and it is a wonderful experience.

In this episode I'll give you my personal story from the early days to where I am now AND where I plan to go in the future. I also have a little tale of a guy that I train who made some lifting goals that can be applied to YOUR life. He wanted to deadlift, and found a LIFE lift [cue rimshot and boos]. And then finally, what is your eternal goal?

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Episode 22- Depression

With the news of the death of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park along with the fatal accident of David Z from Audio Adrenaline, this week's episode took a bit of a more somber tone. It led me to ponder life a bit more deeply than usual and I wanted to address the topic of depression. It can lead some to do great things such as art and helping the world, but it could lead others down darker paths, such as is speculated in Chester's death. Suicide is never the answer.

I hope to be able to shed a little light in the wake of that darkness. There are also other topics that came up such as eating disorders and anxiety. Therapy can help, but sometimes all it takes is a kind word or a motivating friend. Together, we are unstoppable, Words have power.

Originally broadcast on Pawling Public Radio in New York.

Episode 21 - Imperfection

Life for me has been a little less than perfect recently. I've found myself making mistakes I never thought I would, losing control of my time and generally just not doing great. I'm sure that my listeners can relate a bit. This week I discuss various topics on moments of imperfection, and the way others may perceive those traits deemed to be imperfect. There was a monkey suing a man for copyright (thanks PETA), a video that made my gay friends mad, and a little confession to my mother. All this and a few laughs are coming your way!

Originally broadcast on Pawling Public Radio in New York.

Episode 20 - Pride (plus Flat Earth Theory!)

I started out talking about the issue of pride this week, but a large portion of the show ended up dedicated to the Flat Earth Theory. If you haven't heard of this, there is a movement that really started gaining momentum in about 2014-2015 that proposes that NASA has been lying to us since the space race of the 60's, the moon landing was a hoax, and that the globe Earth model has always been with false or a massive conspiracy. I only present the evidences that are brought forth on the matter, though I have not conducted many of the experiments myself. A few we can all do with the naked eye, and I recommend you, the listener, to try for yourself. Put away your pride and think of the possibility that everything you think and feel may not be correct.

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