What Results Really Mean

Some readers may know that I am a personal trainer on top of my entertainment jobs. I am also exclusively involved in a one-on-one nutrition program at mt gym. One of my clients (that I recommend stay in touch regularly) came to me and told me about her weekend shortcomings that weren't bad at all, but were slightly off the plan. I told her not to worry but remember, it was her journey and to make it what she chose it to be. 

Admittedly, my perspective isn't always on track with others' but I am simply there to hold people accountable. She has had struggles with plateauing on her body changes but she gave me an opportunity to grow this time! I'm not sure she even knows but this occasion really made me think--one person's desired results may not be the same as what the outside might think. 

Of course her reason for coming to me was weight loss, but she may have stumbled upon something even greater. Her first step working with me was to cut out her nightly beer intake. Far from a lot, but she confessed that she almost never went a night without drinking before meeting me. Now she has gone the last month and barely had a drink!

I personally know the power alcohol of any amount can have on an individual even though I don't know the amount of her consumption. We still have weeks left in her program but I am willing to speculate that she may have found something she didn't even know she was looking for. 


A little something for you to think about. Let this lead you where it may. Until next time citizens of Earth, I've been your frendly neighborhood Dizzy! 👽