We live in a world so much different than existed 20 years ago. Just think back to the time before having the internet at your fingertips, or getting a notification of something (irrelevant to anything happening at the time). Those of us in our twenties are especially under a demand to know more than we were taught, look better than the next person, be successful in our current endeavors, etc. but lack the mental capacity to produce the results! Why is this?! 

With the New Year's resolution bug still buzzing around our collective heads, there is a huge focus on stopping bad habits and trying to change many negative aspects of personality; and with these there seem to be many repeat offenders! Might I suggest that simply avoiding a thing is a path to failure? Intense focus in a positive leaves no room for a negative. For instance: if I wanted to stop eating junk food or drinking alcohol, the temptation to do so would always exist, but if I chose to focus my attention on glorifying God by caring for the body he gave me, there would be no reason to put in unhealthy substances.

The same applies to finance, social media addiction, happy marriages and more! I'm not telling non-Christians to turn to God and make their life better, but I am saying that honoring God is the highest thing you can focus on. Focus on your positive, rather than avoiding your negatives. There just happens to be one positive higher than all others!

Until next time, I've been your friendly neighborhood Dizzy! 😁