Do you ever just find it hard to think? I know I've dealt with this increasingly lately. There are important things in life that I just can't seem to get on top of and I've only recently found the solution--silence. Yes, silence.

It seems as though we are completely surrounded by a cacophony of various noises and voices that all seek to distract us from the tasks of daily life. Some of us have a specific deadline to work toward and others have the giant task of taking out the garbage, and somehow we just can't get ourselves around to things. If I am not with clients at the gym, or speaking directly to a person about some situation they are dealing with, I have earbuds in or my iPhone streaming a podcast out loud and I came to the realization that it has been months since I produced a real thought! There is constantly information going in but I haven't really USED my brain to much capacity in so long I was beginning to lose track of the simplest things like why I brought up the Google window to search something.

This was beginning to terrify me until a few days ago when I was listening to the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast (cheap plug) and I had to pull my earbuds out in order to form a thought. Then it hit me; I have not had a moment of silence in ages just to gather my senses. It was also leading to a lot of worry in my bigger picture and growing in my faith! I recently had to wipe dust off my Bible's cover to my own shame. Not long ago, I was reading every night and dilligently taking notes and before I knew it, I hadn't even moved my Bible from my bedside for a nondescript amount of time. I realized yet again, I had allowed myself to be distracted--so much that something I hold dear had begun to slip away. On top of that, I hadn't even prayed in ages because of this. So tired, so distracted.

Why do I share all of this, might you ask? I feel as though there are a great many of us who are going through similar things but we don't realize we can relate on these subjects. Maybe it's time to have some points we can relate on. The world is divided enough, let's come together for SOMETHING. The cause doesn't have to be major by any means, but just a reason to say "Hey, me too."


Until next time, I've been your friendly neighborhood Dizzy! Happy Monday 😉